One-Year Universal Support




So WTH is universal WordPress support?

Good question.

My main business is WordPress but I’m interested in and possess a broad knowledge of operating systems, software, the Web, web browsers and plugins, social media…I’m just a geek in that way. I try out every new service and plugin and utility that comes along. Just because it’s fun and I’m curious about everything.

And for some strange reason, I enjoy giving support, even to those folks who don’t know what an avatar is. Maybe even especially those folks.

I started offering comprehensive technical support because I got so much good feedback about my, hmmm, what else can I say but — my teaching style.

“You’re really good at this. You’re so clear and patient!” said one client.

“It seems like you’ve been teaching all your life,” said another.

“You make me feel a lot less dumb now!” That one made me laugh.

So yeah, even if you already have a website, chances are your designer has left you high and dry. Because that’s more the norm than not. Or they want to charge too much. $50/month is the industry minimum. Most WordPress maintenance packages charge upwards of $75 per month, without any technical support, just basic services.

I charge a lot less than that, and give you a lot more.

What can you you expect?

I can’t promise instant 24/7 support but I can come pretty close. I’m online a lot and you can get my attention easily. So whatever your concern or problem, just ask!

Weekly WordPress and plugin updates

Security monitoring of your site
Protect your site from spam, hacking, malware, brute force attacks and more. Just relax and let me fight off the bad guys.

Weekly backups
Your web host keeps backups but good luck getting their attention when you need them. Plus, it’s always good to have more than one. I offer weekly backups of your entire site, off-site, and free restoration services should something go terribly wrong.

Performance and uptime monitoring
I’ll monitor your site to make sure it’s up and running smoothly, and if it’s not, get it back up.

Site tweaks and updates
Chances are your contract with your previous designer ran out before you got everything done you wanted to get done. Or, there’s a typo, or a dozen, and you just haven’t had time to fix them. Or that graphic was never what you wanted to begin with. Or you want to start blogging but don’t have time to edit or proofread. You want to learn Twitter but don’t know who to talk to. You need a newsletter. Your theme’s out of date. WHATEVER!

I’m here for you!

Deets: This yearly contract provides 3 hours of support per month. Unused time rolls over to the next month but expires after two months. Support hours can’t be used to design a new site from scratch but they can be used to freshen up an old one.

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