Fascinating Monster is a full-service WordPress design-and-consulting-services ad-hoc collective directed by Rick Powell.

Rick earned a degree in Cinema & Photography from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He was a contributing editor at the Indianapolis New Times, one of the United States’ first alternative newspapers. He lived most of his life in Chicago where he wrote freelance for the Chicago Reader and the Windy City Times. He also designed the first web site for NewCity Chicago, an independent weekly. It was the first large-scale news and culture online magazine of its kind in the city.

Since 2001 he’s been traveling the globe, blogging about his adventures and taking pictures of the people he meets. While living in Buenos Aires, he developed a passion for art and street art and founded the arts organization and blog Juanele AR and the tour The San Telmo Art Walk.

Rick collaborates with the creatives, developers and designers that he meets as he moves through the wider world. There’s so much talent everywhere, he’s found, just waiting to do cool stuff.

Rick consults, designs, produces, art-directs, takes photographs, writes, edits, proofreads and wrangles all the other little monsters.

He also likes movies and beer.

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